The uneXplained

The uneXplained

About the Producers

Doug Liman
Executive Producer
Director Doug Liman's independent film, SWINGERS, became an instant cult classic. He followed it with the critically acclaimed GO. Then with only two low budget independent movies under his belt, and a month old pilot's license, he flew himself into the Teton mountains where he secured the rights to THE BOURNE IDENTITY from Robert Ludlum himself. As a first time producer he then hired screenwriter Tony Gilroy and cast Matt Damon. Liman went on to direct MR. & MRS. SMITH, JUMPER, and FAIR GAME. He currently executive produces the hit TV series SUITS and COVERT AFFAIRS.
Russ Stratton
Executive Producer
Russ Stratton has been a creative business developer for over 20 years. After cofounding Pink Dot, the Los Angeles delivery company that was immortalized in Doug Liman’s film SWINGERS, he began to produce film and television. His credits include, ADRIFT IN MANHATTAN, that featured Heather Graham & Billy Baldwin, as well the Peabody Award winning documentary, BILLY STRAYHORN: LUSH LIFE about Duke Ellington’s longtime composing partner. His knowledge and passion for metaphysics is what brings this documentary series to life.



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